T-Space Fellowship 2017


Quality before Quantity

Reflection on the ‘T ‘Space Fellowship 2017


‘When a work reaches a maximum of intensity, of proportion, of quality of execution, of perfection, there occurs a phenomenon of ineffable space’

Le Corbusier

We believe in the phenomenal powers of architecture. Today architecture has the potential to put essences back into existence. Space and Light are like Sound and Time in music. A poetic idea can achieve astonishing qualities in music as well as architecture. In the 25 day intensive studio project for a chapel of no specific denomination to seat 20 people, the studio project entitled ‘Rural Compression’ was an amazing success - not in creating objects to spin in media, but in education of five international fellows. With a small graduation ceremony at the Ex of IN house in Rhinebeck August 2, 2017 these five individuals carry a spirit into the world. This first fellowship embodies the mission of the ‘T ‘Space project that started 7 years ago, in 2010.

1)      Unite: Architecture, Art, music and Poetry

2)      Reflect: as an alternative to market driven art

3)      Experiment: with collaborations and hybrid combinations

4)      Commission: new works

5)      Renew: nature & human connection.

This effort at a new, 21century synthesis of the arts emerges at a time in architecture dominated by developer-architect profiteers milking urban real-estate. In place of values of bigness – in place of the ridiculous value of architectural offices achieving enormous size – we hope for future alternatives of quality before quantity.

Steven Holl, 8/4/2017


2017 Graduates: Ashley Morgan, Billy Wong, Haotian Xu, Meng Wang, Ran Huo

Critics: Thom Mayne, Michael Bell, Stan Allen, Matthias Neumann, David Leven, Daisy Ames, Christian Wassman, Anthony Titus, Marisa Kefalidis, Dimitra Tsachrelia, Eirini Tsachrelia, Christoph Kumpusch and Steven Holl.

Instructors: Eirini Tsachrelia, Christoph Kumpusch

SMHF Educational Programs Director: Dimitra Tsachrelia

Assistant: Jacobo Mingorance Arranz